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14 October 2021

3 reasons why the Zoomitzvah is a brilliant outcome from the pandemic

by Liz Gatherer
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When the Covid pandemic swept through the world in 2020 - many of us had to change the way we operated, at the time we probably thought that the way we adjusted by working from home, to moving meetings online, would just be temporary measures, but I know that I for one have learned  a multitude of new and wonderful ideas that have arisen from the global pandemic which I believe should be here to stay for good, one of which is the Zoomitzvah.

Initially you may be surprised to hear me say that I think the Zoomitzvah is something that will continue to be popular post-pandemic, but here are three reasons why the Zoomitzvah should not be overlooked.

1. If you are on a tight budget, the Zoomitzvah could be your answer

If the thought of the expense of your child’s Bar / Bat mitzvah is causing you sleepless nights, perhaps consider scaling it right back to immediate family, you can then live stream to your wider family and friends, there is no limit on the amount of people that you can invite to a Zoomitzvah so this is certainly something worth considering. With all the money saved on catering, venue hire and more, perhaps you will have enough leftover in your budget to send a small kiddish box. Be sure to include a L’Chaim! personalised Simcha magazine as this will make an enormous difference to your guests. Let’s use Arron’s personalised Bar mitzvah magazine as an example of what you could include in a personalised Zoomitzvah magazine.

Aaron’s family chose to include the following:

  • QR code for the Zoomitzvah
  • welcome message
  • explanation for the non Jewish guests as to what a Bar mitzvah is and what to expect
  • Torah portion - in Hebrew and with English explanation
  • Haftarah
  • Bar mitzvah prayer
  • lots of family photos and photos of Arron over the years
  • Aaron's photographic life story in numbers
  • birthday timeline
  • 3 special words (3 words close family and friends use to describe Aaron)

You can see how a  personalised Zoomitzvah magazine really is a superb compliment to your Simcha. You can see Aaron’s personalised Zoomitzvah magazine here.

Zoomitzvah ideas
Include your Zoomitzvah join link within a personalised Zoomitzvah magazine

2. The Zoomitzvah gives your overseas guests the best seat in the house

Sadly there are alway guests who cannot attend events, whether it be because they live overseas and the expense of travel is just too much or they simply cannot get the time off work. You can still plan the Bar mitzvah / Bat mitzvah that you had always dreamed of arranging, but by adding the additional service of live streaming your event, every single invited guest will be able to attend regardless of where they are located.

Live streaming your child’s big day in the form of a Zoomitzvah is certainly not something we would have thought to have done pre 2020, but it really is a fabulous addition to your Simcha.

Real Zoomitzvah inspiration: Brook’s parents were able to put on the most wonderful Bat mitzvah Zoomitzvah in the height of the pandemic and used a personalised Zoomitzvah magazine to bring everything together. I was delighted to be invited to Brooke's Bat mitzvah! Brooke’s parents made a speech, as did Brooke, and the guests were entertained by Josh Horus magician, renowned for being able to put on an incredible show not just in person, but for the online Zoomitzvah too. You can see Brooke’s personalised Zoomitzvah magazine here.

A privilege to have been invited to my client's Zoomitzvah

3. Guests who are frail or poorly can attend your Zoomitzvah from the comfort of home

You may be in the very lucky position to be able to accommodate a very large Simcha where absolutely everyone you invite is able to come…. but perhaps there is that one special person who is unable to come, maybe they are too old and frail and the logistics of getting them safely to and from the Simcha is just too daunting for them. Make sure they do not miss out by not only arranging for their very own live streamed Zoomitzvah, but by making sure a personalised Zoomitzvah magazine is in their lap so they can watch online, and hold something special and meaningful in their hands too.

What to included in your personalised Zoomitzvah magazine:

  • QR code and instructions on how to attend the Zoomitzvah
  • order of the day with timings if you wish
  • program with Hebrew, phonetic translation in English and English translation
  • speeches and prayers
  • a special message for those who are attending online by way of Zoomitzvah
  • messages from family, friends and the rabbi
  • name meaning
  • lots of photos
  • birthday / first day of school photo timeline
  • personalised word search or cross word!

Tale a look at our portfolio for more ideas and inspiration on how to compliment your Zoomitzvah with a personalised magazine.

L'Chaim! personalised bat mitzvah simcha magazine
A L'Chaim! personalised Zoomitzvah magazine for a Bat mitzvah

The Zoomitzvah really is an incredible way to connect your guests to your in person Simcha, every single one of them. Even more so when complimented with a personalised Zoomitzvah magazine, the ideal companion themed to your chosen colour scheme and incorporating your theme and logo too.

bar mitzvah swag

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