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20 January 2023

5 popular and easy to create themes for your Bat mitzvah

by Liz Gatherer
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Looking to create a great Bat mitzvah party but don’t know where to start? Choosing a theme can be a fun and creative way to add some personalisation to your celebration. Here are five popular and easy-to-create themes to consider:

1. Beach bash Bat mitzvah party

Want to bring the beach to your Bat mitzvah party? Create a beach themed Simcha with beach balls, palm trees and inflatable pool toys. You could have a sandcastle building contest or beach themed games such as volleyball or limbo. Beach refreshments such as smoothies, seafood, fruit skewers and an ice cream van will complete the vibe.

Bat mitzvah party ideas- beach blast
Bat mitzvah party ideas- beach blast

2. Glitter and glam Bat mitzvah party

For a party fit for a glamorous princess, jazz up your celebration with a glitter and glam theme. Incorporate sparkly accents into your decor with sequin tablecloths and rhinestone table numbers. Add glam to the tables with a miniature disco ball or floral bouquet with crystals. For food, consider glittery cupcakes or cakes and mocktails with sparkly garnishes and edible glitter.

Real Bat mitzvahs: Sophie had a fabulous Bat mitzvah party and we adored using her logo and theme to create a stunning personalised Bat mitzvah magazine. You can flick through it here.

Fun, pink & girly personalised Bat mitzvah magazine in Germany
Glitter and glam Bat mitzvah party ideas

3. Bat mitzvah masquerade party

Create an air of mystery and intrigue with a masquerade ball theme. Ask your guests to come in masks or have a DIY mask-making station ready as a fun party activity. For decorations, suspend masks or create dramatic backdrops with floor to ceiling masks. Complete the atmosphere with mocktails decorated with feathers, and finger foods on classic trays.

venetian mask 1342242 1920
Masquerade Bat mitzvah party

4. Colour blast Bat mitzvah party

Colour lovers will appreciate a party bursting with colourful hues. Have a rainbow decor with multi coloured streamers, balloons and confetti. Every mocktail and food item can have a rainbow accent or feature. With a colour themed party, you can give yourself the freedom to incorporate any games or activate you like.

Real Bat mitzvahs: Brooke's colourful Bat mitzvah was themed all around her favourite colours, her at L'Chaim! Simcha magazines we provided Brooke with a logo, digital invitation with RSVP button, thank you cards, stickers and of course a fabulous personalised Bat mitzvah magazine. You can see it here.

L'Chaim! personalised bat mitzvah simcha magazine
Colour blast Bat mitzvah party

5. Personalised Bat mitzvah party

Personalise your party by creating your child's name into a logo, use the colours from the logo to theme your event. The logo can then go on to everything, from dancefloor backdrop to ceiling laser lights, printed on balloons and stickers, on all of the stationery and on take home gifts such as tee shirts, hoodys or key rings. Take a personalised party to the next level by having a personalised Bat mitzvah magazine, your guests will love receiving their copy to take home. Filled with photos, stories and fun facts about the Bat mitzvah girl, you can include messages and photos from family and friends as well as the mitzvah project and Shehecheyanu.

Bushey Areana grand hall bar bat mitzvah, large capacity venue ideas for your Bar mitzvah or Bat mitzvah
Photo credit: Richard Murgatroyd

No matter which theme you choose for your Bat mitzvah party, have fun with it and make it as unique as the Bat mitzvah girl. Yo can even incorporate elements from different themes to make it truly one of a kind. By combining creativity with careful planning, you can make your Bat mitzvah party a celebration that everyone will remember for years to come.

If you would like to have a personalised Bat mitzvah magazine complementing your colour scheme and theme, get in touch with liz@lchaim.com to set up a video call.

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