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Mazel tov on your upcoming Simcha!

My name is Liz and I am pretty sure you’ll all agree that 2020 and the first half of 2021 was one huge rollercoaster ride! 2020 started well for me, with numerous bookings for Wedition, a personalised magazine which I make for wedding couples to give to their guests on the day of the wedding, but then the dreaded Covid hit. I found my customers postponing one after the other leaving my work diary disappointingly bare.
I kept myself busy over lockdown even with the lack of work, focusing a lot on my Pinterest and other social media accounts, blogging and connecting with other wedding suppliers. I even updated my website. But when the second lockdown came, I have to confess, I felt devastated. My fabulous award-winning company Wedition felt like it was slipping away from me and I didn't know how to save it.
It was on a Zoom call with fellow Smashing the Glass wedding vendors that I broke down in tears and said it felt like my baby was being taken away from me. All the years of blood, sweat, tears and love to be taken from me during this pandemic. The wonderful Kate Swerdlow (renowned specialist in Bar mitzvah and Bat mitzvah photography) who was on the Zoom call, told me that she would be phoning me the following day.
“Put your big girl knickers on!” Kate said to me which made me laugh and cry, I knew she was right! We discussed my idea of creating Simcha magazines, something I’d thought of doing long ago but never gotten round to and we quickly realised that this was the ideal project to get my business (and my spirits) fired up again. We discussed how it would be ideal for online Zoomitzvahs as well as in-person events, even if you were having a bit of both, as you could post the magazines out to anyone who would not be able to attend.
Within a day I’d got my Instagram going, shortly followed by my Facebook. I had a Facebook Zoom interview with Natalie Austin of '5 Minutes With'. Within two and a half weeks I had a stream of enquiries come in, I couldn’t believe it! One of those enquiries soon turned into a booking and I was absolutely delighted to create a personalised L’Chaim! magazine for my first Bar mitzvah on 19th December 2020, taking place in America!

L'Chaim! History

  • The Start

    Phone call with photographer Kate Swerdlow, she encouraged me to start promoting L’Chaim! on Instagram and Facebook
  • The First Enquiry

    The first enquiry for a personalised Bar mitzvah magazine came through!
  • Our First Client

    I took on my first client, Mrs S had found me on a late night Instagram session using the #barmitzvahswag
  • L'Chaim Debuts at Our First Bar mitzvah

    The very first Bar mitzvah in the world to have a personalised magazine… in America!
  • Our First Zoomitzvah

    Not only was this my first Bat mitzvah, but also the first Zoomitzvah I got to attend! As well as producing a magazine for Brooke’s BM, I produced her digital and interactive invitation, logo, branding, kiddish box stickers and thank you cards!
  • L'Chaim! Has a Web Presence

    L’Chaim! website is launched
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