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8 September 2021

Mitzvah Project Ideas

by Liz Gatherer
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The Mitzvah project is an important way for your son or daughter to celebrate their coming of age by fulfilling a Mitzvah special to them. It is such a unique opportunity where the can learn the importance of the Mitzvah, partake in an unforgettable experience and contribute to others. The Mitzvah project is a great way for your son or daughter to learn more about the Jewish commandments.

Here are a few Mitzvah project ideas to get you started!

Twinning project for your Bar/Bat Mitzvah

I’m really quite moved by the idea of a twinning program offered by charities such as Yad Vashem UK. The twinning program strengthens a child's identification with his or her Jewish heritage by forging bonds with individual children who were murdered during the Holocaust. 

Yad Vashem UK will supply a Twinning Kit which is customised to your child and the child they are being twinned with. It will contain a study guide, special certificate and a page of testimony of his/her twin and their immediate family members.

Hot tip: I will include the information on your child’s twin inside your child’s personalised Simcha magazine along with the certificate, this is a wonderful way for your family and friends to learn about your child’s participation in this Mitzvah, this is something we did for Brooke’s L’Chaim! magazine, a personalised Simcha magazine.

mitzvah project ideas
Mitzvah project within a personalised Simcha magazine

Raise awareness for charity

Finn chose SAY (The Stuttering Association for the Young) for his Mitzvah project. Someone who stutters himself, he has benefited from the teachings and guidance of SAY for many years and is now a young spokesperson and advocate for the charity. Finn was asked to write a speech on behalf of SAY which he presented to 500 people at a fundraising gala dinner, he did so with confidence. We included this achievement along with photos, inside his personalised Simcha magazine.

Hot tip: If your son or daughter chooses a charity for their Mitzvah project, we can tell the story of the work and support they have given inside their personalised Simcha magazine which is a wonderful keepsake gift for family and friends to receive. 

mitzvah project ideas
Finn included his work with SAY inside his personalised Simcha magazine

Volunteer work

There are so many ways in which you can volunteer, from helping an elderly neighbour by taking their dog for a walk to assisting with preparing meals at a homeless shelter. 

Rhona does a huge amount of work for the Guide Dogs, not just raising awareness, but also by fundraising and by having the puppies and starting their training! We included all of this inside her personalised magazine, which was a real joy for her guests to receive. We also included a QR code so if guests wished, they could visit the website and find out more.

mitzvah project ideas
Rhona included her work with the Guide Dogs, a charity she has volunteered with for many years

If you would like your child’s Mitzvah project detailed in a personalised Simcha magazine, then do get in touch with liz@wedition.co.uk

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