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Aaron’s 16 page personalised Bar mitzvah magazine was a brilliant way to unite his Jewish and non Jewish guests attending his Simcha virtually online. Although they could not be together in person, the magazine allowed them to feel more together over the Zoomitzvah. The personalised Simcha magazine was based on Aaron’s favourite colours and incorporated his gaming logo which he designed himself.

What was in Aaron’s Bar mitzvah magazine?

  • Favourite photos
  • Shalom everyone and QR code to join the online Zoomitzvah
  • Photographic life story in numbers
  • Family photos
  • Three special words - immediate family members describe Aaron with three nice words
  • Birthday photographic timeline
  • Bar mitzvah - what is it? - especially for the non Jewish guests and a reminder for the not-so Jewish guests
  • Torah portion in Hebrew
  • Torah portion in English
  • Haftarah
  • Bar mitzvah prayer
  • Word picture - a collection of words artistically presented for Aaron

I provided Aaron’s family with a digital copy of the magazine, a print ready PDF file and 50 printed* copies which they included in a kiddish box which was delivered to guests in advance of the Zoomitvah.

Kiddish box contents for Aaron’s online Bar mitzvah:

  • L’Chaim! personalised magazine
  • Grape juice
  • Challah
  • Kippah
  • Party poppers
  • Cookies
  • Sweet treats

*L’Chaim! is printed at a family run chemical free printers within 1 mile from the L’Chaim! HQ on recycled paper which has been certified by the FSC.

"We asked Liz to create a magazine to help us bring family and friends together in advance of our son’s Zoomitzvah during the pandemic and I’m so glad we did! They went down so well with everyone and really brought us all together for the day. I’d recommend L’Chaim! for all Zoomitzvahs - and even if they’re not on Zoom! Such a great way to share our excitement ahead of the big day and set the scene! Thanks so much x"

Mrs J

personalised word picturepersonalised bar mitzvah simcha magazinepersonalised bar mitzvah simcha magazine

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