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Personalised Bar mitzvah magazine in America


Arya’s mom got in touch with me through Instagram just a couple of weeks before her son’s Bar mitzvah…. “Is there time to have this made?” You bet! Arya was not only going to be my first American Bar mitzvah, but my first Bar mitzvah altogether! Due to the pandemic, Arya would be having a few people at home and then hold a Zoomitzvah separately. Arya’s mom did doorsteps deliveries to distribute the personalised Bar mitzvah magazine to family and friends.

The magazine was yellow and grey, Arya’s favourite colour combination.

What was in Arya’s Bar mitzvah magazine?

  • Favourite photos
  • Welcome to the ceremony
  • With love - letters to Arya from his mom, dad and younger brother
  • The honoree list - this was in lieu of the candle ceremony which could not be held due to the pandemic, Arya thanked all those who helped shape him over the past 13 years
  • Torah portion - My Parashah
  • Birthday timeline - a photo from each of Arya’s birthdays
  • Photographic life story in numbers - this is a great conversation starter amongst guests!
  • Bookworm - a selection of photos of Arya doing his favourite pastime, sometimes in surprising locations!
  • Around the world with Arya - a double page spread of polaroid holiday pictures
  • Favourite moments from friends - fond memories from Arya’s closest friends
  • The Social Connection - photos of Arya with his wider circle of friends
  • Word picture - a selection of words which sum up Arya!

Arya’s family ordered 35 copies of this 20 page personalised Bar mitzvah magazine. I provided them with a print ready PDF so if they wish, they can print again in the future, and I also provided a digital copy to email out to family and friends. The order was shipped to America arriving in time for Arya’s Bar mitzvah. Arya’s mom commissioned the design on 29th November and I mailed the completed order on 14th December, which goes to show that a 2 week timeframe is possible!

“I highly recommend L’Chaim! simcha magazine! It was a really nice touch to our event. Everyone loved receiving it, Liz from L’Chaim! magazine was a pleasure to work with. Since we were on different sides of the globe and on different time zones, I was contacting her during really odd hours and she was still very responsive and professional and wrote me back in a timely manner.”

Mrs S

NB The magazine content has been replaced with placeholder text for the purpose of client privacy and public sharing.

personalised bar mitzvah simcha magazinepersonalised bar mitzvah simcha magazinepersonalised bar mitzvah simcha magazine

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