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Personalised Bar mitzvah Magazine in America with Baseball Theme


Finn’s mom reached out to me via Instagram, she said she’d found me using the #barmitzvahswag on a late night trip down the Instagram rabbit hole! There wasn’t much time until Finn’s Bar mitzvah, especially as overseas shipping needed to be factored in, but Mrs B had a very clear idea of what the family would like included in this personalised Bar mitzvah magazine. A logo and colour scheme had already been decided and it was clear to me that the Blue Jay’s font should be used as Toronto Blue Jay’s are Finn’s favourite baseball team!

What was in Finn’s Bar mitzvah magazine?

  • Favourite photos
  • Welcome to the ceremony
  • Order of service
  • In loving memory
  • Program - this included Hebrew, phonetic spelling of the Hebrew in English and English translation
  • Mitzvah project with The Stuttering Association for the Young (SAY)
  • ‘Favorite Holiday’ - an article written by Finn about his favourite holiday, Hanukkah
  • Three special words - family members described Finn with three special words
  • Out and about with…. a lovely selection of photos of Finn with family and friends
  • Finn - an article going deeper into the family story behind Finn’s name
  • Baseball - Finn’s favourite pastime! A fabulous selection of photos of him in action, along with an information card explaining his position, favourite team, player, etc.
  • Word picture - a selection of words which sum up Finn!

Finn’s family ordered 50 copies of this 20 page personalised baseball themed Bar mitzvah magazine. I provided them with a print ready PDF so if they wish, they can print again in the future, and I also provided a digital copy to email out to family and friends. The order was shipped to America arriving within plenty of time for Finn’s Bar mitzvah. The design was commissioned by Finn’s mom on 24th May and I mailed the completed order on 3rd June, the order was designed, edited and printed all within 10 days!

Bar mitzvah photographer: Jodi Rothfeld Photography

“Liz went out of her way to make our son’s Bar Mitzvah magazine special and perfect. She worked tirelessly to meet the deadline of when I needed them by. Her kind nature made her a pleasure to work with. The magazines were truly special and have become a keepsake from our special day. Thank you Liz!!!”

Mrs B
Jodi Rothfeld Photography
Baseball themed Bar mitzvah personalised magazineBaseball themed Bar mitzvah personalised magazineBaseball themed Bar mitzvah personalised magazineBaseball themed Bar mitzvah personalised magazine

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