Personalised Bat mitzvah magazine including the full order of service


Miriam had been working with Rabbi Judith Levitt to prepare for her Bat mitzvah, Rabbi Judith felt that a personalised Bat mitzvah magazine would really benefit the simcha as half of the guests would be Jewish and the other half non Jewish. The magazine helped to explain to the non practicing Jews and non Jewish guests how exactly a Bat mitzvah worked, ensuring that no one was excluded.

What was inside Miriam's personalised Bat mitzvah magazine?

  • Favorite photos
  • Welcome message and contents
  • Bat mitzvah, what is it? - an insightful article prepared by Miriam's parents for the non Jewish guests
  • Order of service
  • Miriam's Bat mitzvah service - in Hebrew, phonetic and English translation
  • Photos of Miriam
  • Mitzvah project
  • Birthday timleine
  • Closing poem

The family wanted to use a printer local to their home in Wales for their 20 page A5 magazine so I provided them with the print ready PDF as well as a digital version which they could email out. The personalised Bat mitzvah magazine was styled to match Miriam's colour scheme of navy and gold, it complimented her invitation stationery.

Bat mitzvah party gift ideasBat mitzvah party gift ideasBat mitzvah party gift ideasBat mitzvah party gift ideas

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