Personalised B'Nai mitzvah magazine for an American family

Hod & Gad

Having seen a L'Chaim! magazine on Facebook, Dini got in touch with me through the L'Chaim! website. Based in America, this family were were looking for a really special way to celebrate the B'nai mitzvah of Gad and Hod which would take place in Israel. Sadly however, a few days after the family arrived in Israel, the war started. I was relieved to hear that everyone was safe and well and it was comforting to know that although the celebration had to be cancelled, the magazine was still printed by the family and given out to their closest friends and family.

Got the printed magazines today and they are absolutely gorgeous! We are going to treasure these forever! Thank you!

D Hurwitz

What was in Hod & Gad's personalised B'Nai mitzvah magazine?

  • Bespoke front cover
  • On this day: 2010
  • Shalom! welcome message and contents
  • Where it all began - birth & newborn photos
  • How'd we get here? - family history
  • Get to know the bar mitzvah boy: Hod
  • Get to know the bar mitzvah boy: Gad
  • What our teachers say about us
  • Poetry corner by Gad
  • We love our amazing family - photos and names
  • Selfie central - family selfies
  • Life as twins - interviews with Hod & Gad
  • Life as twins - photos & fun facts
  • Surprise from our buddies - a photographic message
  • Chagim over the years - photos
  • Caleb's corner - an interview with Hod & Gad's younger brother
  • Poetry corner by Hod
  • Hod & Gad according to Mom
  • And along came baby Jessie - photos of their baby sister
  • Words from the dada-base - message from Dad and dad jokes
  • Hurwitz clan - photos

Dini wanted to include an enormous amount of photos and content so we felt the best thing to do was for me to create a bespoke A4 magazine rather than for me to produce the usual size of A5. This meant that Dini could also opt for a bespoke front cover too. The family wanted to use a printer in Israel for their 24 page A4 magazine so I provided them with the print ready PDF as well as a digital version which they could email out. The personalised B'Nai mitzvah magazine was styled to match Hod and Gad's colour scheme using blues, greens and cream. I also incorporated the logo which had been used on the invitation stationery.

B'Nai mitzvah party ideas America IsraelB'Nai mitzvah party ideas America IsraelB'Nai mitzvah party ideas America IsraelB'Nai mitzvah party ideas America Israel

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