Personalised magazine full of joy for Kabbalat mitzvah in Chicago

Vera Mae

Vera Mae's mother got in touch with me a full 11 months ahead of their child's Kabbalat mitzvah having seen L'Chaim! personalised magazines on a Facebook group. I remember Vera Mae's mother making me laugh by asking me if I shipped to "Chicago land"! Of course, L'Chaim! ships worldwide! Once the magazines had arrived, it was lovely to receive an email from Vera Mae thanking me for the card I sent them as well as for creating the magazines.

Hi, Liz. My Mom showed me the really cool card you made.  It's one of my favorite pictures of me as a baby, so good choice.  Thanks for the mazel tov and for helping my Mom make the magazine. I am happy to see it. There were a lot of surprises in it. My best "across the pond" (what a funny phrase, right?)

Vera Mae XOXO back atcha

What was in Vera Mae's personalised Kabbalah mitzvah magazine?

  • Fave photos of Vera Mae
  • Shalom! Contents and QR code to join the online Kabbalah mitzvah service
  • Gemilut Chasadim
  • Righteous Gentile
  • Service bingo - a fun bingo game to play!
  • Bespoke wordsearch based around Vera Mae's loves and hobbies
  • Life story in numbers - 1 to 13 fun facts about Vera Mae
  • On this day - things that happened on the date Vera Mae was born
  • Word scramble game
  • Never ever game
  • Shehecheyanu
  • Special memories
  • Thank you page
  • Word picture - all the words used to describe Vera Mae

Vera Mae's family ordered 150 copies of this super fun A5 16 page personalised Kabbalah mitzvah magazine which was mailed to the guests ahead of Vera Mae's online Kabbalah mitzvah in Chicago, USA. The personalised Kabbalah mitzvah magazine was styled to match Vera Mae's colour scheme using blues, grey, pink, yellow and orange. I also incorporated the logo and fonts which had been used on the invitation stationery.

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