Personalised Rosh Hashana keepsake booklet for a family celebration meal

Rosh Hashana

Rabbi Judith got in touch with me having seen my work on Facebook and she wondered if I could design an 8 page booklet for Rosh Hashana for her family. Judith wanted to include photos of all 20 family members attending the meal, the blessings and an introduction to the festival.

I recently met & worked with Liz from L’Chaim. She creates magazines for special occasions, especially Simchas. You can have the whole service explained for non-Jewish guests (& some Jewish guests) as well as include the D’var Torah, Mitzvah or Tzedakah project, family photos, messages from grandparents… the sky is the limit!! She does similar beautiful creations for weddings. Her design work is BEAUTIFUL & she’s a lovely & fun person with whom to collaborate. This will honestly enhance any extra special occasion. HIGHLY recommended!!!

Rabbi Judith Levitt

What was in this personalised Rosh Hashana booklet?

  • Photos of family members attending the meal
  • An introduction to Rosh Hashana including why and how we celebrate
  • The blessings
  • Lots more photos of family members attending the meal
  • Word picture - including all the names of the family members attending the meal!

I emailed Judith a print ready PDF so that she could order 25 copies of this 8 page booklet through her online printer.

Liz created an incredible booklet for our family Rosh Hashana. It was beautifully designed & everyone LOVED it. It really enhanced our celebrations.

As a rabbi, I’m really impressed by her work & think it would enhance any Simcha!! There are so many creative ways these booklets can be used for Barmitzvahs & Batmitzvahs; with options to include a family tree, Tzedakah project, D’var Torah, Torah portion? explanation of the ceremony for non-Jewish guests, family photos with messages & good wishes from family & friends.

Every aspect can be personalised to your taste & needs. A keepsake for yourselves & everyone attending your occasion.

Rabbi Judith Levitt

NB Some of the magazine images have been replaced with stock images for the purpose of client privacy and public sharing.

personalised rosh hashana bookletpersonalised rosh hashana bookletpersonalised rosh hashana bookletpersonalised rosh hashana booklet

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