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26 October 2021

Surprise Ideas for your Bar mitzvah boy / Bat mitzvah girl

by Liz Gatherer
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Recently inspired by a call for surprise ideas from a parent on a Facebook group for Bar mitzvahs and Bat mitzvahs, I thought I would put together some fun surprises that you might like to consider for your Bar mitzvah boy / Bat mitzvah girl.

Personalised Bar mitzvah / Bat mitzvah magazine

What better way to surprise not just your Bar mitzvah boy / Bat mitzvah girl, but your guests too than a L’Chaim! personalised Simcha magazine? These awesome magazines are custom designed to your event, incorporating your colours, logo and branding. Include any article you want from messages and photos from friends, quizzes, custom word searches to photo collage fun such as a birthday timeline, a first day of school time line, holiday snaps, baby photos, family photos and more. You can include the Mitzvah project, the program, order of service, the Torah portion…. the list is endless! Take a look at our portfolio for inspiration!

L'Chaim! personalised bar mitzvah magazine
Star Wars themed L'Chaim! personalised bar mitzvah magazine

Personalised celebrity video message 

I discovered Cameo for the first time in March this year. I had been invited to a client’s Zoomitzvah where the Bar mitzvah girl, Brooke, is a big fan of Friday Night Dinner. Brooke’s parents booked the hilarious next door neighbour Jim (Mike Heap) from Friday Night Dinner through Cameo to provide a personalised video message. Brooke knew nothing about this treat and the look of delight and surprise on her face was priceless, Jim was absolutely hilarious and the video message was a memorable surprise from this Zoomitzvah.

Mazel Tov Yard Card

Yard Cards are another new thing I have discovered recently, as the name suggests to any British readers of this article, this fun concept is a big thing in the States. Yard cards are giant, they are bright, they are personalised and they are a big WOW of a surprise! They can stretch as wide as your yard and they make a phenomenal visual statement. Have some fun with your photographer and get some group shots in front of and peeking out from behind the giant yard card.

I love Best Wishes Yard Cards in the States and I’ve discovered Yard Cards in the UK.

Surprise Ideas for your Bar mitzvah boy
Photo credit: Best Wishes Yard Cards

Live dance

One parent from the aforementioned Facebook group surprised her theatre loving Bar mitzvah boy with the Bottle Dance from Fiddler on the Roof, it was performed by his theatre friends' dads! What a delightful surprise, and I’m sure it really got everybody into a joyful party mood!

Surprise Ideas for your Bar mitzvah boy
Photo credit: Andrew Bowen Photography

Candy and Snack Truck

L’Chaim! Bar mitzvah boy Finn had Curbside Confections surprise him and his guests at his Bar mitzvah. Food trucks are such a fun addition to your Simcha, often the food is customisable to your party and they can usually incorporate personalised signage too.

If you'd like a logo and branding for your Simcha, then do get in touch with liz@lchaimlife.com we provide this service at a heavily discounted rate when purchased with a personalised Bar mitzvah / Bat mitzvah magazine.

Surprise Ideas for your Bar mitzvah boy
Photo credit: Jodi Rothfeld Photography

Close up magician

Who doesn’t love a bit of magic? Your Bar mitzvah boy / Bat mitzvah girl will get such a surprise when they experience some close up magic! Magicians not only add magic to your Simcha but laughter and amazement too, I know that when I’ve seen some phenomenal card tricks, I remember them for a long time after! Magicians always seem to leave me wanting to see more!

Surprise Ideas for your Bar mitzvah boy
Photo credit: Nigel Chapman

Surprise mascot appearance

If your child is a big fan of the local sports or athletics team, then why not see if you can arrange for their mascot to make a surprise appearance at your Simcha? This will make for some super fun photos adding some personality and community spirit to your event!

Get in touch

If you'd like to share your awesome Bar mitzvah surprise ideas or Bat mitzvah surprise ideas with Liz then do get in touch: liz@lchaimlife.com

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